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Short Poems

Only Hope

Oh God your are my only hope I am nothing and this boat won't float My hands have tried to keep the water outside To no avail the waves won't subside

I'm sinking Lord, can't you see?

There is not a soul in site that can help me Without your touch I am completely done It's over for me there's no more fun. Oh God your are my only hope Will you please help me stay afloat?

You Not Me

You are living someone else's dream

they look at you and say

“I wish that was me.”

Your house, your car, your everything.

It should have been theirs

You are living their dreams.

What they don't realize

You look at them too.

And think to yourself that should have been you.

Its best we look up

And give thanks for His plan

Not living in envy with your fellow man.


Let the fire of Your glory catch my eye today.

I want to turn toward You and hear what You say.

My life is Yours, do what you will.

Please speak to me as I sit here still.


When is the last time you had to stretch your faith?

To believe God to fill your plate.

Have you been trusting in your own hands?

Or the eternal God who is bigger than man?

There are things that we simply can’t do

Like finishing dreams He gave to me and you.

We all think, “it’s up to me” but without Him it’s futility.

So Stretch your faith, just believe, your dreams will become reality.


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