Bombs and Babies

April 14, 2018

Beautiful babies with beautiful eyes.
What is that reflection I see from the sky?
You smile and play unaware on that day
Soldiers in planes say, “Bombs away.”


So innocent, so precious you dig in the sand
In just a few moments could it all end?
How can grown-ups be such fools?
They keep dropping bombs and you'll never go to school.


It’s all you've seen the examples so mean
You play with toy guns alongside the screams.
Living in tents, they call a safe zone.
To you it’s your life, your family and home.


We watch on TV from a world far away
Our lives untouched by the bombs where you stay.
With the press of a button we can turn it all off.
You continue to gasp, to cry and to cough.


Beautiful babies with short lived lives
Chemicals and bombs fall from the sky.
Grown-ups with power, ego and plans
Take innocent lives with the wave of their hands


When will it end? What can we do?
The world might be better if we still had you.
God of love, God of light, please help them tonight.
Beautiful babies in a dark world full of strife.



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