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Part Baby

Before anyone acknowledged that you had a voice

He formed you in a womb, then your parent made a choice

Sterile plans to make you disappear, laws on paper, no tissue for tears

Convenient and discreet, so clear, life measured in months, not even a year

Innocent and precious, you had no place to hide

She sat in a room, you had no choice inside

The Law is official, they can drop you in a pan

Pink shone on a building, red blood on their hands

Were you part baby or simply baby parts?

Sent back to heaven before your little life starts

They say it’s better for the mother’s future, she didn’t want a bratty moocher

If she had waited just one more day, you could have grown to run and play

Blood on the doctor, blood on the floor, your parts in a pan, your mom out the door

So scientific, so discrete, the procedure is over, but they can still use your feet

A fetus they say, part baby not formed, easily twisted, easily torn

How many blobs will be sucked out today, how many choices will you get to make?

You're not part baby or simple baby parts, you are a precious life with a beating heart

I wish I could help you, but it’s too late, the vote has been cast, your parts on a plate


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